Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Happy with ADORNit Watercolour Pencils

Let me just start with how much fun I'm having as an ADORNit "It Girl"!  One of my discoveries while doing this gig are the ADORNit watercolour pencils...I mean where have these been all of my crafty life?!?  It's quite possible I've been in the dark on this one,  and if you have also, well now I'm shining a bright light for ya!  TRY THESE PENCILS!!!  They'll transform your adult coloring experience!!

Here's how:  First of all, I started small.  A Happy card from one of ADORNit's coloring pads.  I wanted to experiment with blending so I chose a couple of colors: aqua, navy and black.  I colored the aqua in the middle of the H.

Then I outlined the aqua with the navy color.

I did the same with each letter, with the pinks and yellows.  After it was all colored in, I filled that fabulous water brush the set comes with, with water and slowly began going over the letters.  working from the inside of the letter out.  And this is what resulted from it!!!  I love it!  

Want to have some watercolor fun of your own? Snag these pencils!  Go to or Amazon has them too!  I'm not kidding, they are AMAZING!  Thanks for stopping by today and thank you ADORNit for such fabulous products!

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